Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Devil's Creek by Mubin Orhon

devils creek by mubin orhon 20c 
Dated 1965, "The Devil's Creek" is the most famous painting of Mubin Orhon. It is a triple oil on canvas. 
I like abstract paintings and this one is no exception with its vivid colors and choice of red as primary color. It is refreshing to see that experts agree with me this time :-)
Dimensions: 70x150 cm.
Estimated value: $ 150,000


  1. This is absolutely stunning! Generally I do not agree with the "experts" either, but I really love this beautiful piece of art.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. It looks like we both are on a distinguished path to becoming experts. I saw the painting live and the photo does not do justice, at all.

  3. Certainly the major turkish's artist of his generation !
    a very interesting approach with his early resaerch on color for painting and drawing starting in 1950, which deserves great interest and an interesting path during 1950's to reach maturity around 1960, then deepening of his work until he leaves us. Cc