Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Concubine by O. Petrides

concubine by o. petrides
I thought about a lot about what to post on this last day of the year. In approximately 7 hours my time, a new year, 2009 will begin.

Women suffered a lot in the Middle East and they still are. O. Petrides's Concubine, a water color on paper shows a long gone era. You can see, or rather feel her solitude, loneliness, and her grace in spite of all the luxury around. I sincerely wish the women of the region a happy 2009. Same to you, all.
Dated 1921.

Dimensions: 25.5x19 cm.
Estimated value: $ 1,500

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hilye-i Serif by Ahmed Fehim Tufengi

hilye-i serif by ahmed fehim tufengi

Another beautifully designed hilye-i serif by Ahmed Fehim Tufengi. Dated 1807, it is a rare example of its time. Ottoman era saw a lot of hilye-i serif artists partly due to the dubious interpretation of pictures and painting in Islam.

Dimensions: 14.5x1.5 cm.
Estimated value: $ 2,500

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Istanbul by Onnik Azarian

istanbul crayon on paper by onnik azarian
Here comes an interesting work by Onnik Azarian (1883-1935), a crayon on paper. Definitely contrary to the styles of his contemporaries, Azarian portrays a grotesque image of Istanbul. It is as if all of a sudden fires will be lit and pagans will start dancing and screaming I do not know what. It is really difficult to explain my feelings about this painting.

Dimensions: 30x21 cm.
Estimated value: $ 1,000

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Turkish Opal from Constantinople

score sheet my turkish opal from constantinople
Another score sheet, this time by Arthur Gillespie and Edna Williams, featuring songs of Elizabeth Murray in an A.H. Woods production dubbed "Exceeding the Speed Limit."

My Turkish Opal from Constantinople gently or sublimely calls you to your exquisite harem of priceless gems not to be found elsewhere. It is interesting to observe that these are offered in the Orient to the common man of the West whereas same is promised in heaven to the common man of the East, after fulfilling a lengthy condition list, of course.

Estimated value: $ 90

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ottoman Backgammon Board

19c ottoman backgammon board
The history of backgammon and its derivatives can be traced to ancient Mesopotamia but the rules and variant played in Anatolia is of Persian origin, such that the terms used in game are still Persian although Turkish equivalents exist. It has never lost its popularity for many centuries and is still one of the favorite games played at homes and cafes alike, though rarely an equipment like this 19th century Ottoman backgammon board is used.

Dimensions: 56x55.5 cm.
Estimated value: $ 8,000

Monday, December 8, 2008

Iranian Reading Desk

19c iranian reading desk
Apart from the thought how one can comfortably read a book sitting and with a desk like this, I truly wish I had a more detailed photo of this piece, so that you can clearly see the quality of craftsmanship on this Iranian reading desk of nineteenth century.

Dimensions: 57.50x21 cm.
Estimated value: $ 4,000

Ottoman Ink Holder

19c ottoman ink holder
Looking at this nineteenth century Ottoman ink holder made of bone, one wonders how difficult it must have been to write something. Yet, because of this difficulty we enjoy a heritage of inscription and beautiful works of calligraphy.

Length: 34.5 cm.
Estimated value: $ 8,000