Friday, January 30, 2009

Lottery of Greek Inas School

lottery ticket for greek inas school 19c
If you dig deeper, you always come across something interesting, if not valuable. Surrounded with all kinds of dogma, you do not expect to find lotteries, betting, etc in this part of the world, nor do you think it would have been tolerated. Yet, here it is. A lottery ticket to raise funds for the Greek Inas School in Besiktas Istanbul.

Dated 1914
Estimated value: $ 30

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ruba'i Board by Mehmed Esad Yesari

rubai board by mehmed esad yesari 18c

Ruba'i is the Persian quatrain made especially popular by Omar Khayyam. Since 11th century its popularity has never ceased in Asia Minor. Calligraphers loved them. Just like its Japanese counterpart haiku (which is three lines), its shortness and directness made it an obvious choice for artists who were somewhat restricted by religious dogma. Mehmed Esad Yesari's rubai board is dated 1791 and a good example.

Dimensions: 33.5x20 cm.
Estimated value: $ 1,500

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bohemian Candy Bowl

19c bohemian candy bowl

I have been to numerous countries. Well, more than average let us say. I have yet to see a more candy loving nation than Turks. Be it the Ottoman or the Republic era, this candy madness continued. Hence, the storage problem.

Can you picture yourself shopping for a candy bowl, rather a couple, one for kitchen and one for the living room, trying to find one like this Bohemian with a lower price tag?

From nineteenth century.

Dims: 22.5x23.5 cm.
Estimated value: $ 5,000

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Your Skin Deserves Better

advertisement poster of puro soaps dated 1955

It is somewhat sad to notice the advertising industry is unable to come up with something better than celebrities using their products. In this 1955 ad, we see Ayten Cankaya promoting Puro brand soaps and skin care products. I cannot comment on the soap but she really is beautiful.

Dimensions: 24x17 cm.
Estimated value: $ 50

Monday, January 12, 2009

Madame Butterfly Poster

poster, leyla gencer g.singer madame butterfly, city opera
The price theory rather vaguely says that since we differ in a value, we agree on a price. Soprano Leyla Gencer's poster of her Madame Butterfly performance in the City Opera (1950s) is an example. Just a few years prior to her departure to Italy, Gencer took stage in Puccini's renowned opera, directed by G. Singer.

It was again Madame Butterfly, this time in San Carlo Opera, that helped her achieve worldwide recognition. From San Francisco to La Scala Milan, she continued to increase the number of her admirers including me.

And the price theory. Look at the price tag and try guessing how much I value her. Do you think we will agree on the price? You bet we will!

Dimensions: 135x100 cm.
Estimated value: $ 200

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Portable Gramophone

early 19c portable gramophone
Just like the Pathe phonograph, this old portable gramophone shows what music lovers had to go through about a century ago. Be it a picnic or any similar outdoor occasion, they took their sandwiches, drinks, records and a gramophone. And off they went, on a carriage.

Estimated value: $ 1,000

Friday, January 9, 2009

Kutahya Inkwell

19c kutahya inkwells
Two cute little inkwells from nineteenth century. Kutahya, together with Afyon is the largest marble producing city in Turkey. For centuries it hosted artisans and artists of ceramics and related products.

Dimensions: 6.5x6.5 cm.
Estimated value: $ 1,000

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ottoman Tombac Zamzam Pitcher

19c ottoman tombac zamzam pitcher
A nineteenth century tombac piece used to carry specifically Zamzam (the holy water brought from Kaaba). I have especially liked its lid.

While passing by, doesn't how tombac is made ring any bells? Gold, sulphuric acid... No? One wonders, though, why such a dangerous technique was used. It cost many lives.

Height: 37.5 cm.
Estimated value: $ 65,000

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ottoman Polo Match

miniature of ottoman polo match

Human imagination can go to extremes. I was not aware that polo was popular in Ottoman Empire! According to the artist of this miniature, however, it was.

The page the miniature is drawn on is rather old, roughly 150 years and being unable to find out the name of the book, I really can not say if the artist ruined an artifact with her miniature (miniature is recent, hence the price tag). It is cute, nonetheless.

Dimensions: 14x20 cm.
Estimated value: $ 25

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Edirnekari Cabinet

ottoman edirnekari cabinet 18c, 19c

Edirne was (and still is) the cradle of decorators and designers of furniture in Ottoman Empire. That is why works done by artisans of Edirne are called Edirnekari. A really old and undamaged Edirnekari furniture can be worth in gold.

This late 18th early 19th century Edirnekari cabinet is a good example of the craftsmanship of the time. I deeply regret I was unable to find a close up photo to show you details.

Dimensions: 33x76x195 cm.

Estimated value: $ 15,000

Friday, January 2, 2009

Pathe Phonograph

pathe phonograph of 1890
It could be difficult to tell today's generation music was listened with instruments like this Pathe phonograph of 1890. You place the drum into its proper place, wind it a bit, and here it is: music from the past.

Estimated value: $ 700

Ottoman Pilot's Badge

pilot badge in ottoman empire
It is hard to say Ottoman Empire had an air force in the sense we know it nowadays. The fleet consisted of a handful of planes usually used in reconnaissence missions in the World War I. This Ottoman badge belonged to one of the few pilots of the time.

Estimated value: $ 750