Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Berat of Sultan Mehmed IV

a berat of sultan mehmet 4 of ottoman empire
This certificate issued by Mehmed IV (1648 - 1687), extends a tax collection privilege of 6000 akces (the currency of the time) to the children of Seyhsunullah, upon his death, in the Gulabek district of Malatya area. Bears the signature in gold and a handwriting of the Sultan himself, it was written in gold and ink in Istanbul, in 1654. The 12th line has been restored.

There were two basic forms of certificates issued by the sultans, the fermans which were simply orders, and berats. Berats certified a title, termination or transfer of them or could be a privilege, grant, and even a patent.

Dimensions: 110x37 cm.
Estimated worth: $ 23,000


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