Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rococo Board by Ismail Hakki Mektubi

rococo board by Ismail Hakki Mektubi
Another fine example of Ottoman calligraphy, a signed (with ketebe) board by Ismail Hakki Mektubi (?-?). It praises all the sultans of the empire, starting from Osman (Othman), the founder, to Abdulaziz. Written with a talik style, the board is ornamented with (tezhip) gold and plant motifs of various colors, shining with the glamor of rococo days. It can illuminate any dark lit room; add a mirror or two and enjoy your cognac. Am I being sentimental or what?

Dimensions: 36x26 cm.
Estimated value: $ 4,500


  1. This is very rare. I love stuff like that. Too bad it's so expensive :(

  2. lol... I even doubt when I save my salary for a year, I could buy that thing. xD