Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Will the Ten Tribes Return?

book cover of preparation for the return of ten tribes

According to G.S. Faber, Master of Sherburn Hospital and Prebendary of Salisbury, they no doubt will, as he wrote this book, "The Predicted Downfall of the Turkish Power, the Preparation for the Return of the Ten Tribes", printed by Thomas Bosworth, 215 Regent Street, London (second edition).

For the uninitiated a quick summary may be helpful: The Ten Tribes were exiled during the First Temple Era - over 2,000 years ago, and have been separated from the rest of Jewry ever since. But ultimately, they will be redeemed, and join the rest of Jewry - at the time of Moshiach [].

I have almost no information about the subject, and certainly I am not a good point of reference as far as Biblical and Torah studies are concerned, but it looks like intriguing. Faber's book can be of value to those interested and/or collectors.

Dated 1853.
Estimated value: $ 275


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