Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chess Players

chess players watercolor on paper
Here is an anonymous (signature illegible) painting dubbed "Chess Players", watercolor on paper. It shows above all how time was perceived then. Look at the relaxed attitude of the players, enjoying their game without clocking it, their coffee and tea aside, comfortably seated on cushions.

Dimensions: 18.5x27.5 cm
Estimated value: $ 2,000

1 comment:

  1. I happen to love this very special painting of the "Chess Players." I think that it would be a lovely and very special addition to a living room or a family room. It would also work well in the bedroom. There are two things I notice most about this painting. The first are the colors. I love how the colors blend so well together. I also happen to enjoy browns, beiges, grays, creams and the like. The second are the people and the clothing. A very beautiful crowd indeed. This is another one of those painting that I wish I could witness up close.