Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ottoman War Academy Diploma

war academy diploma of ottoman empire
War Academy was one the prestigious schools of the Ottoman era and this diploma with an Ottoman coat of arms on top, is one the remnants of those days, dated 1911. No, it is not valuable because the school literally spit out officers to accommodate one war after another.

Nothing has changed much since then, except the names, of course. In order to superficially comply with the "peace" theme of 20th century, War Academy has become General Service School and Ministry of War is now called Ministry of Defense as in most parts of the world. Exegesis at its finest.

Dimensions: 74x50 cm.
Estimated value: $150


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  2. I am glad you liked it Kas, cheers.

  3. Here's a truly cool piece of history. A war paper from the Ottoman empire. It's amazing it lasted this long. At $150 and rare find and a bargain. This is a really interesting site, sort of like "Antique Road Show" meets blog.

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  6. @anon: I had to give a short break due to illness. I will continue to post new material in 2011. Appreciate your interest.