Monday, April 20, 2009

Bohemian Hookah

19c bohemian hookah

Now that we know pot is good for your brain, it is time to set sail to new adventures. Why not start with this beautiful Bohemian hookah of nineteenth century? Extraordinary designs with a silver laden top, it is a typical luxury item of Sultan Abdulmecid (1839-1861) era. Other than it is good for your soul, I can't guarantee anything else.

Height: 45 cm.
Estimated value: $7,000


  1. First, let me say that the look of this blog is quite beautiful. The gray, gold tones are quite attractive. I'm very impressed with all of the blogs of yours that I visited. This Bohemian Hookah is quite beautiful. (Of course I could never afford it.) Pot smoking is illegal in the United States, however we do have Hookah lounges where we can smoke legal substances. For example, there’s a nice one in Las Vegas, Nevada. I do believe that pot is good for you and maybe someday they'll make it legal in my country. (Although, I doubt that that will every happen.)

  2. Those good old days have long gone, I'm afraid. From 20th century onwards, pot has become illegal. Tobacco (with a myriad of fragrances and flavors) is used with hookahs, now.