Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day of the Clowns

I have never thought I would add a journal to this blog, my intention was to keep it lean and mean: interesting items that caught my attention, information about them and articles about not so popular things about Turkish culture. However, our geography is rarely stable and you sometimes live by the day, planning for the future simply becomes impossible.

I had one of those weekends. A Turkish court decided to block access to a blog on a blogspot.com domain (which one I do not know) and the result was not so pleasant: ISPS restricted access to all blogger.com and blogspot.com domains, ALL of them. Do not get me wrong, I neither blame nor dispute the court's decision. The Judge probably had no idea about what was going on and just acted upon the applicable law. But I will have a few things to say about this mockery of a governtment which passed the law as it was, knowing -they had been told- very well this would be the result.

You see, this government of clowns, with their faces painted in democratic colors is a bunch of ignorants who have very little notion of history and culture (they hardly read a book) and take fairy tales as facts, they are a crowd of get-goers with a belief system based on myths. Sadly, some, I really do not know why, believe them.I could make a list of the sites blocked by themand you would have a good idea what this was all about but posting has proved really difficult.

I have never had a problem accessing blogspot sites or any site for that matter, publishing will be difficult. I am checking on a few options suggested in Entrecard forums. Should you leave a comment, it might show up late due to moderation as I have to find a reliable and trusted way to log in first.


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