Monday, October 13, 2008

Tarot Cards with Ottoman Figures

tarot cards with ottoman figures
I have never been a believer of astrology, fortune telling or tarot, our subject. My aunt is a good fortune teller, or so people say, and always sees money and more money in my cup of Turkish coffee such that after she finishes the telling, people start looking at me, with expectations I guess. That feeling, people being extra nice, incredibly gentle and helpful, lasts for a few days and I enjoy it. So, whenever I have expectations from those around, I often ask my aunt to tell me what lies ahead. Since most of you will not be around (physically), I can tell you the truth: I am still poor. Yet, there is no reason not to try your luck with these cards, maybe Ottomans will help you. Be creative :-)

Estimated value: $ 120


  1. It should be said that Tarot cards are not only used for fortune telling. They were originally intended for game playing, a practice which continues in continental Europe. That particular Tarot or Tarock deck is an example of a shortened deck with only 54 cards used to play trick taking card games in places such as Austria. See my blog or this website for info on Tarot game playing if your curious

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  3. Oudler: Many thanks for extra info, I will check your site.

    Xyle101: Let me clarify a misunderstanding here: I do nor rule out people with special abilities and I have seen a few. I only think tarot, coffee cup, crystal ball or anything are instruments or agents for those people. In my opinion the instruments/agents do not have any magical aspect.