Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halil Pasha's Mosque Street in Cairo

mosque street by Halil Pasha

Now, let us find out if any of our Egyptian friends will recognize this street with a mosque, by Halil Pasha (1857 - 1939). I have found his technique a bit odd. At first glance, I thought he painted it with crayon or something similar, but it is actually oil on cardboard.

Coming from a military family, Pasha followed the family tradition and finished the war academy. Military schools were one of the few places, possibly the only place, where painting classes were available. After graduating as a lieutenant in 1873, Abdulaziz, the sultan of the time, liked his style (I mean his painting, not his tactical abilities), ordered him to the palace. He was sent to Paris to further his art training in 1880, and worked with Gerome and Courtois. His portrait, "Madame X" was awarded in the opening ceremony of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Dimensions: 33x21.5 cm.
Estimated value: $ 20,000


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