Monday, October 20, 2008

Invitation Card of Ertugrul's Launch Ceremony

invitation to Ertugrul yacht

Ertugrul (this is the correct spelling) yacht was built for Sultan Abdulhamid II by Elswick Shipyard in Great Britain. Upon his wish, she was equipped with four 4.7 inch cannons (now, what do we call her, still a yacht?). The launch ceremony was held on Dec 30, 1903. Sadly, the Sultan never set foot on board her, and Madame Fortune had other plans in mind. She was ordered to transport ammunition in World War I to Dardanelles and only served its true purpose after the declaration of Turkish Republic, between 1925 and 1930 as a presidential yacht, hosting diplomatic visitors. She was lucky, though. Her ancestor by the same name, Ertugrul frigate had sunk near Yokohama, Japan on a friendly mission on Sep 16, 1890.

Estimated value: $ 1,200


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